Sentence Examples with the word introductory

For introductory matter the student will do well to consult the Dictionary of the Bible (ed.

He did not forsake his studies in Semitic philology, and in 1859 appeared his translation of the Book of Job with an introductory essay, followed in 1859 by the Song of Songs.

In connexion with the Greek professorship Jowett had undertaken a work on Plato which grew into a complete translation of the Dialogues, with introductory essays.

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Mr Balfour's other publications, not yet mentioned, include Essays and Addresses (1893) and The Foundations of Belief, being Notes introductory to the Study of Theology (1895).

Mention should also be made of: Handworterbuch der lateinischen Sprache (5th ed., 1874); Romische Litteraturgeschichte (1847), of which only the introductory volume appeared; an edition of the treatise De Graecae linguae particulis (1835-1842) of Matthaeus Deverius (Devares), a learned Corfiote (c. 1500-1570), and corrector of the Greek MSS.

Pp. 1-72, 97-169 (Jena, 1867); Joshua Toulmin Smith, English Gilds, with Lujo Brentano's introductory essay on the History and Development of Gilds (London, 1870); Max Pappenheim, Die altdanischen Schutzgilden (Breslau, 1885); W.

On the subject-matter of this article the best thing in English is the Introductory Essay by the Capuchin Fr.

Their school at Resaina is known from the name of Sergius, one of the first of these translators, in the days of Justinian; and from their monasteries at Kinnesrin (Chalcis) issued numerous versions of the introductory treatises of the Aristotelian logic. To the Isagoge of Porphyry, the Categories and the Hernieneutica of Aristotle, the labours of these Syrian schoolmen were confined.

In 1781 he followed this up with an introductory manual of Chemical Essays.

Relatively popular accounts of the most important sources are supplied in the introductory chapters of Sabatier's Vie de S.