Sentence Examples with the word intrigue

Louis XVI.s veto and the dismissal of the Girondin ministrythanks to an intrigue of Dumouriez, analogous to that of Mirabeau and as ineffectualdismayed the Feuillants and maddened the Girondins; the latter, to avert popular fury, turned it upon the king.

All promised well, but no sooner did his position seem assured than a miserable court intrigue was formed against him.

As they work to untangle the threads of both murders, they make powerful enemies in a dramatic tale of court intrigue and revenge.

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It might have been said that even at that time intrigue to get rid of him had yet to cease in his own party; and but a few years before, a man growing old, he was still in the lowest deeps of his disappointments and humiliations.

A court intrigue led to his sudden dismissal on the 1st of October 1768.

Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, an aged intriguer, conceived discontent against the government for the loss of his independent company, and began to intrigue Bonny ' 'Prince with France and with James in Rome.

As one of Shakespeare's comedies, there is sure to be the sub-plots that include romantic intrigue and women in disguise.

Was not to make open war on Scotland, but to intrigue secretly, especially with the treacherous Douglas, earl of Angus, and with Ramsay, earl of Bothwell under James III., but soon dispossessed.

He was believed to have made away with his wife and his son to win the profligate and wealthy Aurelia Orestilla; it was even suspected that he had been guilty of an intrigue with the Vestal Fabia.

I); perhaps Nebuchadrezzar made his first inroad against Judah in 602 B.C. because of its intrigue with Egypt (H.