Sentence Examples with the word intricate

It is also, especially on the east, lined by lagoons which communicate with the lake by intricate channels.

Mentally exhausted from the intricate game, she rose to return to her room for bed.

The most intricate and stringent rules existed as to marriage within and without the totemic inter-marrying classes.

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Whatever may be the ultimate decision on these intricate questions, the Fourth Gospel in any case played a very important part in the history of the Church and of Christian theology.

But their purely ritual functions gave them no means of establishing a considerable influence on the minds of men, and the technical knowledge which they possessed as to the way in which the gods could be acceptably approached was neither so intricate nor so mysterious as to give the class a special importance.

Without sufficient external and independent evidence wherewith to interpret in the light of history the internal features of the intricate narratives, any reconstruction would naturally be hazardous, and all attempts must invariably be considered in the light of the biblical evidence itself, the date of the Israelite exodus, and the external conditions.

In gardening, a labyrinth or maze means an intricate network of pathways enclosed by hedges or plantations, so that those FIG.

The frontier between Siam and the new British possessions in Burma was settled amicably and without difficulty, but the; boundary question on the east was a much more intricate one and was still outstanding.

Of course the more intricate the design the more numerous the processes.

To avoid the intricate trigonometrical calculations which would often be necessary, C graphical devices have been introduced by H.