Sentence Examples with the word intolerant

Stick-insects are intolerant of cold, and attain their largest size and greatest profusion of species in the tropics, one West African species, Palophus centaurus, reaching a length of 9 in.

In the day of their power they showed themselves as intolerant as their opponents bad been.

He was not only paradoxical to the verge of craziness, but intolerant to the verge of bigotry.

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Those who had most of the king's confidence afterwards were Colbert for home affairs; Lionne for diplomacy; Louvois for war; but as his reign proceeded he became more self-confident and more intolerant of independence of judgment in his ministers.

Save for the fact that the ministers were as intolerant as ever of Nonconformists, Catholics and heretics, this is a just view, but Charles II.

Again Sella was called upon, but again the dog-in-the-manger policy of Depretis, Cairoli, Nicotera and Baccarini, in conjunction with the intolerant attitude of some extreme Conservatives, proved fatal to his endeavours.

During Peter Stuyvesant's governorship there was little toleration of other denominations, but the West India Company reversed his intolerant proclamations against Lutherans and Quakers.

In respect of the methods of conversion which he advocated he was not less intolerant than his contemporaries.

Arianism, when favoured by the reigning emperor, showed itself even more intolerant than Catholic Orthodoxy.

After Colberts day, when the crutches lent by privilege were removed, his achievements lost vigour; industries that ministered to luxury alone escaped decay; the others became exhausted in struggling against the persistent and teasing opposition of the municipal bodies and the bourgeoisieconceited, ignorant and terrified at any innovationand against the blind and intolerant policy of Louis XIV.