Sentence Examples with the word intolerance

In the fourth place, Ultramontanism is the embodiment of intolerance towards other creeds.

The people also saw his position and rallied round him; and the Humanists discerned in him a champion against the old intolerance against which they had been revolting in vain.

Finally, ample scope for the display of tolerance - or intolerance - is found in the mixed marriages between Protestants and Catholics, which, as a result of the modern facilities for intercommunication and the consequent greater mobility of the population, have shown a large increase during the last few decades - in Germany, for instance.

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His first term as governor, during which he seems to have been extremely popular with the majority of the colonists, was notable principally for his Berkeley religious intolerance and his expulson of the Puritans, who were in a great minority.

During his latter years indeed he showed more intolerance towards the Protestants, and favoured the teaching of the Jesuits in his dominions.

The intolerance of their rule did not favour the growth of the settlement, which in 1661, when it was transferred to the British, had a population of only 10,000.

Councils, and even from the humblest municipal offices; they were deprived of the charge of their hospitals, their academies, their colleges and their schools, and were left to ignorance and poverty; while the intolerance of the clergy united with chicanery of procedure to invade their places of worship, insult their adherents, and put a stop to the practice of their ritual.

But the victorious rush of 1560 was already somewhat stayed, and the very next year raised the question whether the transfer of intolerance to the side of the new faith was as wise as it had at first seemed to be successful.

The intolerance shown to the Protestants, the troubles of the Thirty Years' War, the plague and other causes, soon conspired to change this state of affairs, and in the 18th century the population sank to 12,000.

Some of his short and earlier poems, in spite of a characteristic element of fierceness and intolerance in one or two cases, are described by R.