Sentence Examples with the word intimidate

They were allpowerful in the Jacobin Club (see Jacobins), where Brissot's influence had not yet been ousted by Robespierre, and they did not hesitate to use this advantage to stir up popular passion and intimidate those who sought to stay the progress of the Revolution.

After Luther had begun his journey, this edict was posted up along his route in order to intimidate him; other means were taken to make him turn aside from Worms; but he was resolved to go there and nothing daunted him.

The responsibility certainly rests with the government of Charles which apparently intended to intimidate the Gustavians by the removal of one of their principal leaders.

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She refused to back down, unwilling to let his attempt to intimidate her work.

Cynthia was appalled that Fitzgerald would go to such extremes to intimidate Lydia if everything the woman said was true.

He knew very well that this was Napoleon, but Napoleon's presence could no more intimidate him than Rostov's, or a sergeant major's with the rods, would have done, for he had nothing that either the sergeant major or Napoleon could deprive him of.

He wasn't the first to use that tactic to intimidate her.