Sentence Examples with the word intertribal

British influence was gradually extended over the hinterland, chiefly with the object of suppressing intertribal wars, which greatly hindered trade.

During this period Ireland enjoyed comparative rest notwithstanding the intertribal feuds in which the Norse settlers shared, including the campaigns of Cormac, son of Cuilennan, the scholarly king-bishop of Cashel.

Ibadan long had a feud with Abeokuta, but on the establishment of the British protectorate the intertribal wars were stopped.

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The annals contain nothing save a record of intertribal warfare, which the high-king was rarely powerful enough to stay.

Between the higher ranges are many fertile plains and low hilly districts, well watered but comparatively little cultivated in consequence of intertribal feuds.

The stoppage of intertribal wars by the British, aided by a great influx of refugees from Zululand, ed to a rapid increase of the population.

The Papuan languages or dialects are very numerous, owing, doubtless, to the perpetual intertribal hostility which has fostered isolation.

During the rains incessant intertribal lootings of cattle: take place.

One competent to judge asserts that peace, not war, was the normal intertribal habit.

They are liberally supported by alms, direct all .popular assemblies, and have a decisive voice in intertribal quarrels and all matters of consequence.