Sentence Examples with the word interrogation

The Guardian Jenn watched the interrogation from the privacy of the two-way mirror.

The Egyptologist who has long lived in the realm of conjecture is too prone to consider any feries of guesses good enough to serve as a translation, and forgets to insert the notes of interrogation which would warn workers in other fields from implicit trust.

With Plato, who thought that the interrogation of man is the best instrument of truth, dialectic was exaggerated into a universal science of everything that is.

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Dean realized from his past experience that being forthcoming and subjecting himself to interrogation without an attorney was naive but the entire idea of his trying to kill Shipton was so ludicrous in his mind, he tended to minimize the seriousness of the situation.

With the exception of Xander's quick bow, they entered the interrogation room without acknowledging the Black God.

Jenn said nothing, aware the vamps in the interrogation room were listening.

The vamps we've captured for interrogation have a new technique.

It was frustrating, but the only thing she was accomplishing with this interrogation was making their conversation stiff and formal.

For medicine in England Harvey did what William Gilbert did for physics and Robert Boyle for chemistry: he insisted upon direct interrogation of natural processes, and thereby annihilated the ascendancy of mere authority, which, while nations were in the making, was an essential principle in the welding together of heterogeneous and turbulent peoples.

Jonny shouted and beat on the door to the interrogation room.