Sentence Examples with the word internet

As of the end of 2012, the Internet has more than two billion users.

That evening they discussed plans for her horse ranch and his safari - even researched on the internet together.

Had to really bid it up on the Internet to get it.

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The Internet does not, like the car, have a single essence.

Sometimes she was sad and then minutes later she was searching the internet for baby things.

The power of the Internet and associated technologies we have so far described, combined with our new understanding of the genome, dooms disease to eventual extinction.

Our office received thousands of Internet generated reports from around the world, listing a myriad of up to date economic data.

And to the extent that our minds still perceive the Internet as an extension of offline things, we will fail to see its most revolutionary possibilities.

To be perfectly clear, I am not saying the Internet and technology will solve every human ill.

Search engines have done a fabulous job tackling this problem, even given the vast, vast, amounts of information added to the Internet every day.