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In 1892 he was a member of the Bureau Internationale des Poids et Mesures and in 1897 of the International Committee of Weights and Measures.

Some of the following are still published: Annali di matematica (1867); Annuario di giurisprudenza (1883); Archivio di statistica (1876); Archivio storico lombardo (1874); Archivio veneto (1871); Archivio per lo studio delle tradizioni popolari; Archivio per la zoologia; Il Bibliofilo; Il Filangieri (1876); La Natura (1884); Nuovo giornale botanico (1869); Giornale degli eruditi (1883); Giornale di filologia romanza; Nuova rivista Internazionale (1879); La Rassegna italiana (1881); Revue internationale (1883).

The chief of these are: Bibliography and Librarianship: Bibliographie des Buch- and Bibliothekswesens (1905); Chemistry: Jahresbericht fiber die Fortschritte der Chemie (1847); Classical Archaeology and Philology: Jahresbericht fiber die Fortschritte der klassischen Altertumswissenschaft (1873); Education: Jahrbuch der peidagogischen Literatur (1901); Geography: Geographisches Jahrbuch (1874); Bibliotheca geographica (1891); History: Jahresberichte der Geschichtswissenschaft (1878); Fine Arts: Internationale Bibliographie der Kunstwissenschaft (1902); Law and Political Economy: Uebersicht der gesamten staatsand rechtswissenschaftlichen Literatur (1868); Jurisprudentia Germaniae (1905); Bibliographic des birgerlichen Rechts (1888); Bibliographie der Sozialwissenschaften (1905); Bibliographic fur Sozialand Wirtschaftsgeschichte (1903); Bibliographic fur Volkswirtschaftslehre and Rechtswissenschaft (1906); Literature and Languages: Bibliographic der vergleichenden Literaturgeschichte (1903); Jahresberichte fiir neuere deutsche Literaturgeschichte (1890); Jahresbericht fiber die Erscheinungen auf dem Gebiete der germanischen Philologie (1879); Uebersicht fiber die auf dem Gebiete der englischen Philologie erschienenen Bucher, Schriften, and Aufseitze (1878); Kritischer Jahresbericht fiber die Fortschritte der romanischen Philologie (1875); Bibliographie fur romanische Philologie-Supl.

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At a somewhat earlier date commenced a long series of weekly and monthly periodicals of a more solid character, of which the following list indicates the more important in chronological order: Die Grenzboten (1862), weekly; the Deutsches Museum (1851-1857), of Prutz and Frenzel; Berliner Revue (1855-1873); Westermanns Monatshefte (1856), monthly; Unsere Zeit (1857-1891), beginning as a kind of supplement to Brockhaus's Conversationslexikon; Preussische Jahrbucher (1858), monthly; Deutsches Magazin (1861-1863); Die Gegenwart (1873), weekly; Konservative Monatsschrift (1873), preceded by the Volksblatt fur Stadt and Land (1843) Deutsche Rundschau (1874), fortnightly, conducted upon the method of the Revue des deux mondes; Deutsche Revue (1876), monthly; Nord and Sud (1877), monthly; Das Echo (1882), weekly; Die Zukunft (1882), weekly; Die neue Zeit (1883), weekly; Reclams Universum (1884), weekly; Velhagen and Klasings Monatshefte (1889), monthly; Die deutsche Rundschau (1890), monthly; Die Wahrheit (1893-1897); Kritik (1894-1902); Die Umschau (1897), weekly; Das literarische Echo (1898), fortnightly; Kynast (1898-1899), known later as Deutsche Zeitschrift (1899-1903) and Iduna (1903-1906); Der Turmer (1898), monthly; Die Warte (1900), weekly; Deutschland (1902-1907); Deutsche Monatsschrift (1902-1907); Hochland (1903), monthly; Charon (1904), monthly; Suddeutsche Monatshefte (1904); Der Deutsche (1905-1908); Deutsche Kultur (1905-1908); Arena (1906), monthly; Das Blaubuch (1906), weekly; Eckart (1906), monthly; Die Standarte (1906), weekly; Meirz (1907), fortnightly; Morgen (1907), weekly; Neue Revue (1907), weekly; Internationale Wochenschrift fur Wissenschaft, Kunst, and Technik (1907), weekly supplement to the Minchener allgemeine Zeitung; Wissen (1907), weekly; Unsere Zeit (1907), monthly; Hyperion (1908), bi-monthly; Xenien (1908), monthly; Das neue Jahrhundert (1909), monthly; Die Tat (1909), monthly.

The Internationale developed its propaganda.

Jellinek's Internationale Bibliographie der Kunstwissenschaft (Berlin).

While still duke of Brabant he had been the first to call the attention of the Belgians to the need of enlarging their horizon beyond sea, and after his accession to the throne he gave the first impulse towards the development of this idea by founding in 1876 the Association Internationale Africaine.

Similarly in Europe they are often the property of the International Sleeping Car Company (Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits), and the supplementary fares required from those who travel in them add materially to the cost of a journey.

His Statistique Internationale des grandes villes and Bulletin annuel des finances des grandes villes give valuable comparative data.

He also contributed largely to the Internationale theologische Zeitschrift, a review started in 1893 by the Old Catholics to promote the union of National Churches on the basis of the councils of the Undivided Church, and admitting articles in German, French and English.