Sentence Examples with the word intermission

In the strife which soon broke out between the Girondins and the Jacobins he took no decided part, but occupied himself mainly with the legal and legislative work which went on almost without intermission even during the Terror.

His investigations were carried on without any intermission of his work as a schoolmaster.

But in 1667 began the long series of wars, which lasted with little real intermission to the end of the reign (see France).

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The struggle for religious freedom has suffered no intermission since the beginning of the Reformation; and the result is that to-day its recognition is considered one of the most precious trophies won in the evolution of modern civilization; nor can these changes be reversed, for they stand in the closest connexion and reciprocity one with another, and represent the fruits of centuries of co-operation on the part of the European peoples.

I'm sorry to have missed act one, but I promise a short intermission before I give act two a try.

The paroxysm is followed by a definite interval in which there is not only no fever, but even a fair degree of bodily comfort and fitness; this is the intermission of the fever.

In May 1804 he returned to the admiralty, and with a short intermission in 1806, continued there during the naval administration of Lord Melville, of his uncle, Lord Barham, and of Lord Mulgrave.

Although the periodic outbursts of light have taken place without intermission during the two and a half centuries that the star has been under observation, they are somewhat irregular.

But though his whole life was now become one watch on deck; and though the Parsee's mystic watch was without intermission as his own; yet these two never seemed to speak--one man to the other--unless at long intervals some passing unmomentous matter made it necessary.

He himself attributed it to the war-weariness of the Greek people, that had been under arms with almost no intermission since 1912.