Sentence Examples with the word interface

We will be implementing this interface later.

This will all be made possible because the tools needed will no longer be specialized; the interface to this massive store of information will allow people to learn at a high level even without a deep understanding of medical science.

If T12 denote the interfacial tension, the energy corresponding to unit of area of the interface b Q FIG.

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Lord Rayleigh has pointed out that all theories are defective in that they disregard the fact that one at least of the media is dispersive, and that it is probable that finite reflection would result at the interface of media of different dispersive powers, even in the case of waves for which the refractive indices are absolutely the same.

We are thus led to the important conclusion that according to this hypothesis Neumann's triangle is necessarily imaginary, that one of three fluids will always spread upon the interface of the other two.