Sentence Examples with the word interested

The duke of Brunswick and the banker Ferrere interested themselves in his future, and gave him money, as did also Miss Howard, whom he later made comtesse de Beauregard, after restoring to her several millions.

Otherwise he wouldn't be interested at all.

In his youth he had been a playgoer, but he shortly came to the conclusion that tragedy is a stilted and bombastic art, and after a time comedy interested him no more than tragedy.

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He received a scanty education; worked as a carpenter in Syracuse and as a machinist in Ithaca; became interested (about 2842) in the development of the electric telegraph; and after unsuccessful or over-expensive attempts to ground the telegraph wires in 1844 solved the difficulty by stringing them on poles.

Actually, she wasn't that interested in making a business out of it, but she felt the need to make some monetary contribution to their marriage.

He opened dispensaries in London and Bristol and was keenly interested in medicine.

I joined them in many of their games, even blind man's buff and frolics in the snow; I took long walks with them; we discussed our studies and read aloud the things that interested us.

Gilbert looked up from his play and saw that his mother was very deeply interested in her book.

Germany was interested in the dispute, inasmuch as the southern frontier of the Uganda Protectorate coincided with the northern frontier of German East Africa.

In the course of conversation he mentioned Moscow and questioned Balashev about the Russian capital, not merely as an interested traveler asks about a new city he intends to visit, but as if convinced that Balashev, as a Russian, must be flattered by his curiosity.