Sentence Examples with the word interest

A special interest attaches to the dialogues written after the manner of Plato but with Aristotle as principal interlocutor; and some of these, e.g.

While the main interest centred at this point, the year 1775 was marked by two enterprises elsewhere.

Difficult as it was to believe he was involved in something like this, it was even harder to believe he had no interest in her.

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A good deal of interest has also been awakened and maintained by missionary exhibitions, and by a more intelligent type of missionary literature.

It should, however, be added that very valuable topographical exploration has been carried out in the environs of Ephesus by members of the Austrian expedition, and that the Ephesian district is now mapped more satisfactorily than any other district of ancient interest in Asia Minor.

Several of the great livery companies or gilds of the City possess fine halls, containing portraits and other collections of high interest and value.

The erasures of her name by Tethmosis III., and reinsertions of names under later kings, the military scenes, and the religious groups showing the sacred kine of Hathor, all add to the interest of the remarkable temple.

These troubles and a narrow income conspired to make Lowell almost a recluse in these days, but from the retirement of Elmwood he sent forth writings which show how large an interest he took in affairs.

But at least you had my best interest in mind.

He has the interest of being the last poet of the free republic. In his life and in his art he was the precursor of those poets who used their genius as the interpreter and minister of pleasure; but he rises above them in the spirit of personal independence, in his affection for his friends, in his keen enjoyment of natural and simple pleasures, and in his power of giving vital expression to these feelings.