Sentence Examples with the word interchangeable

He lays special stress on the point that abstract ideas when held in their abstraction are almost interchangeable with their opposites - that extremes meet, and that in every true and concrete idea there is a coincidence of opposites.

This cipher alphabet is called Albam, from the first interchangeable pairs.

Re secured, and all loose parts of the hives being interchangeable time will be saved during the busy season when time means money.

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Here we get the link with physics and chemistry alluded to above, which is obtained by the recognition of new forms of energy, interchangeable with what may be called mechanical energy, or that associated with sensible motions and changes of configuration.

During the Carolingian epoch, indeed, advocatus and vice-dominus were interchangeable terms; and it was only in the 11th century rthat they became generally differentiated: the title of avoue being commonly reserved for nobles charged with the protection of an abbey, that of vidame for those guarding an episcopal see.

Nor are the terms interchangeable now; for not all metropolitans are archbishops,' nor all archbishops metropolitans.

To this it may be objected that presbyters and bishops are never mentioned together, and that the names were interchangeable (Acts xx.

The fact that linguistically Serb and Croat had thus become interchangeable terms, only to be distinguished by the respective use of the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, inevitably reacted upon the political situation, and served as an incentive to the movement for unity.