Sentence Examples with the word interchange

Whether that could be, Darnley dictating while still hot from the exciting interchange of words which he meant to report, is a question for psychologists.

Gradually also he had the satisfaction of seeing the debates in the Speculative Society becoming famous enough to attract men with whom it was profitable for him to interchange opinions, among others Maurice and John Sterling..

Thus the early idea of the services, as occasions for mutual edification through the interchange of spiritual gifts, gave way in course of time to the theory that they consisted of sacred and mysterious rites by means of which communion with God is promoted.

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Provision is made for gaseous interchange between the internal tissues and the external air after the formation of cork, by the development of lenticels.

In Latin there is no evidence for the interchange of c with a sibilant earlier than the 6th century A.D.

As water for respiration streams through the clefts, gaseous interchange takes place between the circulating colourless blood and the percolating water.

A freedom of interchange is thus indicated between the opposite parts of the molecules of salts in solution, and it follows reasonably that with the solution of a single salt, say sodium chloride, continual interchanges go on between the sodium and chlorine parts of the different molecules.

From the internal, as distinct from the international, aspect, the absolute quantity of money, supposed as of fixed amount, in a country, is of no consequence, while a quantity larger than is required for the interchange of commodities is injurious, as tending to raise prices and to drive foreigners from the home markets.

The word 6 uXia from iatXEiv (buou, Eau)), meaning communion, intercourse, and especially interchange of thought and feeling by means of words (conversation), was early employed in classical Greek to denote the instruction which a philosopher gave to his pupils in familiar talk (Xenophon, Memorabilia, I.

Babinet, the brightness of a lateral spectrum is not affected by an interchange of the transparent and opaque parts of the grating.