Sentence Examples with the word intercept

Hittorf made in 1869 the discovery that solid objects could cast shadows or intercept this cathode discharge.

She dashed on bare feet to intercept him, catching him with an index finger in the back of his belt.

He was next ordered out against the Solymi, a hostile tribe, and afterwards against the Amazons, from both of which expeditions he not only returned victorious, but also on his way back slew an ambush of chosen warriors whom Iobates had placed to intercept him.

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All through the summcr Harold held a fleet concentrated under the lee of the Isle of Wight, waiting to intercept Williams armament, while the fyrd of Wessex was ready to support him if the enemy should succeed in making a landing.

Captain Bettesworth who commanded the brig hurried home, and the information he brought was at once acted on by Lord Barham, the First Lord of the Admiralty, who took measures to station a force to intercept Villeneuve outside Ferrol.

Corradino), the last surviving Hohenstaufen, descended into Italy in 1267 at the head of a small army collected in Germany, and he found many supporters; but King Charles on hearing of his arrival abandoned the siege of Lucera and came to intercept him.

But, if the pasteboard be interposed so as to intercept the vibrating segments AOB, DOC, the note becomes much more distinct.

In 1672 the storm broke: the English without a declaration of war tried, unsuccessThe fully, intercept the Dutch Mediterranean fleet; Fre ch y, p fleet; and the French at the same time set forthin apparently irresistible strength to overcome the despised traders of Holland.

The rest followed, without the Greeks making any effort to intercept them.

He cruised off Messina to intercept the supplies which were being brought to the French garrison by a fleet of 20 sail under the command of Abraham Duquesne.