Sentence Examples with the word intercalation

It should be observed, however, that the repeated intercalation of marine deposits within the continental series and the frequent occurrence of thin coaly layers in the marine series makes any hard and fast distinction of this kind impossible.

Others again consider that the whole cycle is a metamorphosis which, beginning in the Heterocotylea as a direct development, has become complicated in the Holostomidae by a larval history, and finally in the Malacocotylea has acquired additional complexity by the intercalation of two larval forms, and is thus spread over several generations.

These very thick seams are, however, rarely constant in character for any great distance, being found commonly to degenerate into carbonaceous shales, or to split up into thinner beds by the intercalation of shale bands or partings.

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The order of the days in the cycle is never interrupted by any intercalation that may be necessary for adjusting the months or years.

Although The Julian Method Of Intercalation Is Perhaps The Most Convenient That Could Be Adopted, Yet, As It Supposes The Year Too Long By Ii Minutes 14 Seconds, It Could Not Without Correction Very Long Answer The Purpose For Which It Was Devised, Namely, That Of Preserving Always The Same Interval Of Time Between The Commencement Of The Year And The Equinox.

Now, From The Manner In Which The Intercalation Is Directed To Be Made (Namely, Seven Times Successively At The End Of 300 Years, And Once At The End Of 400), It Is Evident That The Fraction 2 Must Amount To Unity When The 5 Number Of Centuries Amounts To Twenty Four.

P.81) That The Persian Intercalation Combines The Two Periods 29 And 3 3.

The Year 1600 Was A Leap Year; The Intercalation Accordingly Took Place As Usual, And There Was No Interruption In The Order Of The Epacts; The Line D Was Employed Till 1700.

It is by no means certain that even the higher rate is greater than that exhibited by a tropical bamboo which will grow over a foot a day, or even common grasses, or asparagus, during the active period of cell-division, though the phenomenon is here complicated by the phase of extension due to intercalation of water.

As 1600 Was A Leap Year, The First Correction Of The Julian Intercalation Took Place In 1700; Hence, Taking C To Denote The Number Of The Century As Before, The Correction Becomes (C 16) (C 416) W, Which.