Sentence Examples with the word intercalary

By Giving A Greater Or Less Number Of Days To The Intercalary Month, The Pontiffs Were Enabled To Prolong The Term Of A Magistracy Or Hasten The Annual Elections; And So Little Care Had Been Taken To Regulate The Year, That, At The Time Of Julius Caesar, The Civil Equinox Differed From The Astronomical By Three Months, So That The Winter Months Were Carried Back Into Autumn And The Autumnal Into Summer.

Hence the first three years of the Egyptian intercalary period begin on the 29th of our August, and the fourth begins on the 30th of that month.

The intercalary period is 33 years, - one day being added to the common year seven times successively at the end of four years, and the eighth intercalation being deferred till the end of the fifth year.

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These are usually densely crowded upon the thalamus, but in some instances, after apical growth has ceased in the axis, an elongation of portions of the receptacle by intercalary growth occurs, by which changes in the position of the parts may be brought about.

In the tradition was also preserved the text of the epistles regarding the insertion of the intercalary month, which he sent to the inhabitants of Galilee and the Darom (i.e.

Another Addition Of Eleven Gives Thirty Three For The Epact Of The Fourth Year; But In Consequence Of The Insertion Of The Intercalary Month In Each Third Year Of The Lunar Cycle, This Epact Is Reduced To Three.

The Result May Sometimes Differ A Day From The Truth, As The Intercalary Days Do Not Occur Simultaneously; But As The Day Of The Week Can Always Be Accurately Obtained From The Foregoing Table, The Result Can Be Readily Adjusted.

The growth of the leaf is at first apical, but this is not very prolonged, and the subsequent enlargement is due to an intercalary growing region near the base.

From one cell to another or C, A further stage in which whether two daughter nuclei from sm l the first aecidiobecome conjugate in one cell, spore (a) and the intercalary is not yet clear.

All of these are to be regarded as primitively post-oral, but in the course of development the mouth moves back to the mandibular segment, so that the first three somitesocular, antennal and intercalary - lie in front of it.