Sentence Examples with the word intention

On the 3rd of January 1565 he declared in an open letter addressed to the metropolitan his intention to abdicate.

On account of the poor repair of Rome, the restlessness of the Romans and the discontent of the French cardinals in Italy, he at length announced his intention of returning to France, avowedly to settle trouble between France and England.

If he was going to start throwing things, she had no intention of staying there in the kitchen alone with him.

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Dean didn't want to lie, but he had no intention of causing more concern than Cynthia was already carrying.

At any rate, I have no intention of visiting anyone.

Nine states allow voting rights to aliens who have declared their intention to become citizens, and in some they can as taxpayers vote on financial matters submitted to a special vote.

The ostensible intention is to narrate the transference of the sacred objects to David (cf.

When the return mission arrived, the eagerness of the ambassador for the king's conversion to Christianity, added to the intrigues of Phaulcon with the Jesuits with the supposed intention of establishing a French supremacy, led to the death of Phaulcon, the persecution of the Christians, and the cessation of all intercourse with France.

Half the nobility of Scotland had been captured in the battle, and Northumberland intended to fill his coffers with their ransoms; but the king looked upon them as state prisoners and announced his intention of taking them out of the earls hands.

On the same day Lord John Russell, without announcing his intention to his colleagues, resigned his office as president of the council sooner than attempt the defence of the government.