Sentence Examples with the word integration

F (q sec i)' from which the values of t, x, y, i, and tan i are given by integration with respect to q, when sec i is given as a function of q by means of (51).

A conspicuous example of the incalculable evil wrought by lack of integration is well seen in the radical divorce of surgery from medicine, which is one of the most mischievous legacies of the middle ages - one whose mischief is scarcely yet fully recognized, and yet which is so deeply rooted in our institutions, in the United Kingdom at any rate, as to be hard to obliterate.

In addition, he wrote a number of scientific memoirs and papers, including two on the integration of partial differential equations (Jour.

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He finds that throughout the universe there is an unceasing redistribution of matter and motion, and that this redistribution constitutes evolution when there is a predominant integration of matter and dissipation of motion, and constitutes dissolution where there is a predominant absorption of motion and disintegration of matter.

A secondary wave suitable when the primary wave is undisturbed, with mere limitation of the integration to the transparent parts of the screen.

We have seen that the problem before us is independent of the law of the secondary wave as regards obliquity; but the result of the integration necessarily involves the law of the intensity and phase of a secondary wave as a function of r, the distance from the origin.

He stressed, in particular, that the integration of reflections, suppositions and propositions collectively should remain coherent.

On integration and reduction.

He also admits himself that mental evolution exemplifies integration of matter and dissipation of motion only indirectly.

The integrations may also be effected by means of polar coordinates, taking first the integration with respect to 4) so as to obtain the result for an infinitely thin annular aperture.