Sentence Examples with the word integrated

The changes were integrated into host genomes.

In the automotive industry, the first division manufacturers have been able to maintain their capabilities throughout all their vertically integrated functions.

The new subjects were integrated into the higher education curriculum.

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This is mathematically expressed by the statement that dE is an exact differential of a function of the co-ordinates defining the state of the body, which can be integrated between limits without reference to the relation representing the path along which the variations are taken.

In diameter, standing erect, but pierced by a tubular passage from top to bottom; the Leaning Column nearly as large, undermined and tilting like the campanile of Pisa; the Organ, a cluster of stalactites in the chamber known as the Cathedral; besides a vast bed of di.- integrated carbonates left by the whirling flood in its retreat through the great space called the Elfin Ramble.

When the secondary disturbance thus obtained is integrated with respect to dS over the entire plane of the lamina, the result is necessarily the same as would have been obtained had the primary wave been supposed to pass on without resolution, for this is precisely the motion generated when every element of the lamina vibrates with a common motion, equal to that attributed to dS.

He noted that the number of transistors that could be cheaply placed on an integrated circuit had doubled every year for some time, and predicted it was likely to continue to do so.

Cos k(at-r), it is necessary to suppose that the integrated term vanishes at the upper limit.

This appears contrary to the NATA objectives and the integrated transport strategy.

These changes were integrated with the rest of the housing development.