Sentence Examples with the word integrate

By adding a process to integrate ICT with activity sessions, we bring ICT to life.

It is sometimes an effective way to integrate limited analog functionality with mainly logic functions.

In order to integrate this expression we need to know L and v as functions of the temperature and pressure.

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Since we have now to integrate for the whole illumination at a particular point 0 due to all the components which have their foci in its neighbourhood, we may conveniently regard 0 as origin.

The product spec calls for a way to integrate seamlessly with Group 3 fax, Internet e-mail, intranet or lan e-mail.

In order to find the whole emission of energy from one particle (T), we have to integrate the square of (3) over the surface of a sphere of radius r.

We need to integrate this new product seamlessly into the framework.

If we integrate with respect to I between fixed limits, we obtain the principles of linear and angular momentum in the form previously given, Hence, whichever form of postulate we adopt, we are led to the principles of linear and angular momentum, which form in fact the basis of all our subsequent work.

The emphasis is on work-based learning and finding a way to integrate theory into practice via a work-based project.

It is generally convenient to divide the path into two steps, isothermal and isometric, or isothermal and isopiestic, and to integrate along each separately.