Sentence Examples with the word integer

Is less than 2 o o If the numerator of the fraction consists of an integer and 4 - e.g.

T (22P11),; X 1 and 12 each assuming all integer (including zero) values.

NUMBERS This mathematical subject, created by Euler, though relating essentially to positive integer numbers, is scarcely regarded as a part of the Theory of Numbers (see Number).

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Are integers, and a is an integer or zero.

Here n represents an integer which is 3 if the vibration is a simple doublet, but may have a higher integer value.

The explanation of this property of the base io is evident, for a change in the position of the decimal points amounts to multiplication or division by some power of 10, and this corresponds to the addition or subtraction of some integer in the case of the logarithm, the mantissa therefore remaining intact.

These works possess considerable originality, and contain many new improvements in algebraic notation; the unknown (res) is denoted by a small circle, in which he places an integer corresponding to the power.

The efforts which were consequently made in the early days of spectroscopy to discover some numerical relationship between the different wave lengths of the lines belonging to the same spectrum rather disregard the fact that even in acoustics the relationship of integer numbers holds only in special and very simple cases.

For practical purposes the number taken as base is so; the convenience of this being that the increase of the index by an integer means multiplication by the corresponding power of 10, i.e.

An im 5 proper fraction is therefore equal either to an 2 I integer or to a mixed number.