Sentence Examples with the word intake

She ignored his quick intake of breath and surprised expression.

By the adoption of more refined methods of construction, especially in the shape of the intake and discharge passages for the air and the forms of the fan blades, the efficiency of the ventilating fan has been greatly increased so that the dimensions can be much reduced and a higher rate of speed adopted.

But the sudden intake of air didn't recapture the words.

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The difference in level between the outcrop of the assumed eastern intake and of the wells is often so small, in comparison with their distance apart, that the friction would completely sop up the whole of the available hydrostatic head.

As he opened the door and she caught a glimpse of the music room, he heard her sharp intake of breath.

It is here that an irrigation project, involving the diversion of some of the river water to the low plain, led to disaster in 1904, when the flooded river washed away the canal gates at the intake and overflowed the plain, drowning the newly established farms, compelling a railway to shift its track, and forming a lake (Salton Sea) which would require years of evaporation to remove (see COLORADO RIvER).

The actual conveyance or coursing of the air from the intake to the working faces is effected by splitting or dividing the current at different points in its course, so as to carry it as directly as possible to the places where it is required.

These show that a definite intake of carbon dioxide is always accompanied by an exhalation of an equal volume of oxygen.

Below the bottom of the lake, from an intake situated a distance of 26,500 ft.

He caught her sharp intake of breath and gave her a rakish smile as she blushed.