Sentence Examples with the word intact

In this case Helen Keller held almost intact in her mind, unmixed with other ideas, the words of a story which at the time it was read to her she did not fully understand.

Of all the nasks one only, the nineteenth, has come down on us intact - the Vendidad.

Above which rises the high altar, which retains its original decorations, the only intact example of its period (835).

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He dismounted and went up into the porch of a large country house which had remained intact between the Russian and French forces.

As the Scots were forced back, a part of Dacre's force closed upon the other flank, and finally Dacre himself, boldly neglecting an almost intact Scottish division in front of him, charged in upon the rear of King James's corps.

Plato further simplified the form, and reduced it to pure argumentative conversation, while leaving intact the amusing element of character-drawing.

Enghien had designed his battle even more carefully than before, but as the result of a series of accidents the two French armies attacked prematurely and straight to their front, one brigade after another, and though at one moment Enghien, sword in hand, broke the line of defence with his last intact reserve, a brilliant counterstroke, led by Mercy's brother Kaspar (who was killed), drove out the assailants.

The golden treasure of the Mycenae graves, these critics urge, is not more splendid than would have been found at Cnossus had royal burials been spared by plunderers, or been happened upon intact by modern explorers.

Afterwards issued the celebrated edict in which he pledged his royal word to preserve intact the unity of the Church and to enforce the law of the land against heresy.

These formed a single building, which was still intact goo years ago, and was used as the mosque of the then existing city of Istakhr.