Sentence Examples with the word insured

Its name is derived from the conflict in 1066, which insured to William the Norman the crown of England (see also Battle Abbey Roll).

Condition of Stability of Position.If the materials of a structure were infinitely stiff and strong, stability of position at any joint would be insured simply by making the centre of resistance fall within the joint under all possible variations of load.

Letters insured for a fixed sum are not delivered under any circumstances.

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Under this system every person insured has a right to assistance in case of sickness, accident, or incapacity, while in case of death his widow and children receive an annuity.

He insured himself against the enmity of Charles V.

The claim was against underwriters on a ship which had been so damaged that the cost of repairs had exceeded her insured value.

The insured are arranged in five classes, according to the amount of their yearly earnings: viz.

In 1871 its preservation as an open space was insured after several years' dispute, when the lord of the manor gave up his rights.

He had insured the cargo but not the ship. The cargo underwriters were held liable to pay a contribution to damage done to the ship by cutting away masts for the general safety.

The number of persons insured was 1,446,249 at the end of that year, the insurances amounting to roughl 320,000,000.