Sentence Examples with the word insurance

Josh had purchased an insurance policy on the loan and it had paid off the farm after his death, so they would live there rent free.

The glove compartment contained a registration in the name of World Wide Insurance Company and maps of the east coast states.

In the earlier part of the 19th century, and in remoter districts even in its later years, the use of alcohol was regarded not as a mere indulgence, but as essential to health; the example of teetotallers, as seen in private life and in the returns of the insurance offices, has undermined this prepossession.

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There are also many statutory administrative officials and boards, such as the adjutant-general, insurance commissioner, board of health, board of agriculture, board of public grounds and buildings, commissioners of fisheries, and factory and mining inspectors.

In 1909 a law was passed for state regulation of fire insurance rates (except in the case of farmers' mutuals insuring farm property only) and forbidding local discrimination of rates within the state.

Darkyn was determined to keep her, determined enough that his insurance limited him more than her.

Except in the case of railways, telegraph and telephone lines, savings banks, building and loan associations and fire insurance companies, the taxes are assessed and collected by town officers, but every fourth year the county commissioners are required to inspect the taxable property in the towns and report any misappraisal to the state board of equalization whose duty it is to equalize the valuation of property in the several towns.

Speaking generally, the New Town wzs resorted to by professional men - lawyers, doctors and artists, - and in its principal streets will be found the head offices of the leading banks and insurance offices, all lodged in buildings of remarkable architectural pretensions.

There are besides several thousands of local syndicates, engaged in the purchase of materials and sale of produce on the most advantageous terms for their members, credit banks and mutual insurance societies (see Co-OPERATION).

For many years he was engaged in managing various business enterprises, and became, in 1877, president of the Boston Manufacturers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company, a post which he held till his death.