Sentence Examples with the word insula

Thus Dulcert reads Insula de Lanzarotus and Marocelus, the Laurentian map I.

In 1257 Baldwin de Insula obtained a grant of a Thursday market, and an annual three days' fair at the feast of St Peter ad Vincula.

The word first occurs in Sir Thomas More's Utopia, which was originally published in Latin under the title De Optimo Reipublicae Statu, deque Nova Insula Utopia (Louvain, 1516).

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The island between the two arms acquired the name of Insula Sacra (still called Isola Sacra) by which Procopius mentions it.

The insula Batavorum, lined with forts,.

That of the Doric temple in the Foro Triangolare (6th century B.C.) and an old column built into a house in Region vi., Insula 5; also of the older parts of the city walls - date uncertain (Sarno limestone and grey tufa).

Though the name Rhine thus at last attaches to a very insignificant stream, the entire district between the Waal on one side and the Yssel on the other, the Insula Batavorum of Caesar, in reality belongs to the delta of the famous river.