Sentence Examples with the word instruct

During the worst period of her illness she completed her conquest of the good-will of the Russians by declining the religious services of a Protestant pastor, and sending for Simon Todorskiy, the orthodox priest who had been appointed to instruct her in the Greek form of Christianity.

He began to do this in 1527 in the Libellus visitatorius, which urges pastors to instruct their people in the necessity of repentance, and to bring the threatenings of the law to bear upon men in order to faith.

Howe (q.v.), was sent to instruct her at home.

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For example, even many months after the beginning of the war advertisements were to be read in all the papers, in which English and French people offered to teach languages or instruct children even in English and French, stating their nationality and address - a proof that the authorities did not put any particular difficulties in the way of these foreign ers, and that the people did not take advantage of knowing their addresses to molest them.

Maybe she should instruct or remind him, but the thought of it seemed so unnatural.

Hannah, dear, please instruct the servants that Rhyn and Katherine are given whatever they ask for.

It is true that his anxiety to instruct leads often to a rather wearisome iteration of his favourite maxims, and that his digressions, such as that on the military art, are occasionally provokingly long and didactic. But his comments and reflections are for the most part sound and instructive (e.g.

From the foregoing criticism it will be perceived that all the questions whether Machiavelli meant to corrupt or to instruct the world, to fortify the hands of tyrants or to lead them to their ruin, are now obsolete.

Cujus regio ejus religio - settlement upon a new soil involved dependence upon its god, and accordingly priests were sent to instruct the Samaritans in the fear of Yahweh.

Being admitted to holy orders, he left the university about 1603, and was presented to the rectory of Aldbury, near Guildford in Surrey; and about 1628 he was appointed by the earl of Arundel to instruct his son in mathematics.