Sentence Examples with the word instead

It is quite evident from the action which President Kruger subsequently took in the matter that this charge was put on with his approval, and with the object of compelling traffic to be brought to the Transvaal by the Delagoa route, instead of as heretofore by the colonial railway.

It was found that, instead of containing nearly 6,000,000 signatures, as its originators had boasted, less than 2,000,000 names were attached to it.

But instead of returning to the concrete fact of the equivalence of momentum, by which each body moving makes the other move oppositely, he denied that bodies do reciprocally act on one another, and even that bodies as mutually resisting substances press one another apart in collision.

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It is practically a traveller mounted on high legs, so as to permit of its being travelled on rails placed on the ground level, instead of on an elevated gantry.

Legend has disappeared, and, instead of the two Sabaean monograms, we have the names of the king and the eponymus.

I'd feel honored if you brought your mother's dishes here and used them instead of these.

Both parties put themselves in the wrong, the province by refusing its quota to the federal war-sheet, the generality by dealing with individual towns instead of with the states of the province.

His parents were out of town and instead of looking out for Annie; Howard was off drinking the entire night with some older buddies.

Otherwise, he'd be crying in my gin instead of her beer.

Anyway I mean, if you confront something instead of letting it fester, it might be easier to deal with.