Sentence Examples with the word instantaneously

Our gestures was instantaneously reproduced by the aerial spectres.

Thundering with the butts of three clubbed handspikes on the forecastle deck, Daggoo roused the sleepers with such judgment claps that they seemed to exhale from the scuttle, so instantaneously did they appear with their clothes in their hands.

If we imagine the current in the conductor to be instantaneously reversed in direction, the magnetic force surrounding it would not be instantly reversed everywhere in direction, but the reversal would be propagated outwards through space with a certain velocity which Maxwell showed was inversely as the square root of the product of the magnetic permeability and the dielectric constant or specific inductive capacity of the medium.

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It is very unstable, a scratch causing it instantaneously to pass into the stable form with explosive violence and the development of much heat.

The emancipation was not merely a humanitarian question capable of being solved instantaneously by imperial ukaz.

The whole tenor of his thoughts instantaneously changed; the battle seemed the memory of a remote event long past.

Immediately surrounding the drop there is a film moving outwards at a high speed, and this carries away almost instantaneously any dust that may fall upon it.

In his early writings, for example, more particularly those making up Naturphilosophie, one finds in painful abundance the evidences of hastily acquired knowledge, impatience of the hard labour of minute thought, over-confidence in the force of individual genius, and desire instantaneously to present even in crudest fashion the newest idea that has dawned upon the thinker.

Now, it is no very easy matter for anybody--except those who are almost hourly used to it, like whalemen--to clamber up a ship's side from a boat on the open sea; for the great swells now lift the boat high up towards the bulwarks, and then instantaneously drop it half way down to the kelson.

Salts of gold and silver are reduced by it, slowly in cold, instantaneously in warm solutions, hence its employment in photography.