Sentence Examples with the word instantaneous

Again, if the instantaneous position of G be taken as base, the angular momentum of the absolute motion is the same as the angular momentum Of the motion relative to G.

Woman, in her wasted life, in her hurried death, here stands appealing to the society that degrades her, with a combination of eloquence and poetry, of forms of art at once instantaneous and permanent, and with great metrical energy and variety.

The preceding formulae are sufficient for the, treatment of instantaneous impulses.

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And a continuous force may be regarded as the limit of a succession of infinitesimal instantaneous impulses.

But, as the angle between the positionweb and the distance-webs is a constant, the remedy is to determine that angle (always very nearly a right angle) by any independent method and employ the distance-webs as position-webs in the way described, using the position-web only to determine the instantaneous index error of the position-circle.

The axode is hence the locus of the instantaneous axis, whilst the centrode is the locus of the instantaneous centre in any plane parallel to the plane of motion.

Acceleration Image.Although it is possible to obtain the acceleration of points in a kinematic chain with one link fixed by methods which utilize the instantaneous centres of the chain, the vector method more readily lends itself to this purpose.

The whole effect is summed up in the value of the instantaneous impulse, which is the timeintegral of the force.

Let J be the instantaneous centre for any bar CD (fig.

The first is by the method of instantaneous centres, already exemplified in 63, and rolling centroids, developed by Reuleaux in connection with his method of analysis.