Sentence Examples with the word instance

At Shaftesbury's instance he was placed in command of the army employed in 1675 against the Scottish Covenanters, and was present at Bothwell Bridge (June 22, 1679).

If the zinc is present as blende, this operation offers considerable difficulties, because in the roasting process the zinc sulphide passes in the first instance into sulphate, which demands a high temperature for its conversion into oxide.

In the present instance the novel details cannot be lightly brushed aside.

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The abuse of this instance of Newtonian analysis betrays the whole origin of the current confusion of induction with deduction.

The magnitude of the bee industry in the United States may be judged from the fact of a single bee-farmer located in California having harvested from 150,000 lb of honey in one year from 2000 stocks of bees, and, as an instance of the enormous weight of honey obtainable from good hives in that favoured region, the same farmer secured 60,000 lb of comb-honey in one season from his best 300 colonies.

Over his son was, indeed, far greater than is commonly supposed, and it accounts for much in Charles XII.'s character which is otherwise inexplicable, for instance his precocious reserve and taciturnity, his dislike of everything French, and his inordinate contempt for purely diplomatic methods.

In Hydromedusae, of Schafer.) two kinds of elements: (After (I) visual cells, sensory ectodermal cells, which may develop terminal visual cones; (2) pigment-cells, usually ectodermal, but in one known instance endodermal.

By means of negotiations instigated and prosecuted with great perseverance by the university of Paris and the Inquisition, and through the persistent scheming of Pierre Cauchon, the bishop of Beauvais - a Burgundian partisan, who, chased from his own see, hoped to obtain the archbishopric of Rouen - she was sold in November by John of Luxemburg and Burgundy to the English, who on the 3 rd of January 1431, at the instance of the The Porte St Honore where Joan was wounded stood where the Comedic Francaise now stands.

The possibility of redemption depends upon the bestowal of Divine Grace, which, because it is in no instance deserved, can be awarded or withdrawn without injustice.

In one instance the variation is so excessive that it fully justifies the establishment of a specific distinction.