Sentence Examples with the word instalment

C. Rives in 1831, by which France had bound herself to pay an indemnity of twenty-five millions of francs for French spoliations of American shipping chiefly under the Berlin and Milan decrees, and the United States in turn agreed to pay to France 1,500,000 francs in satisfaction of French claims. Livingston's negotiations were conducted with excellent judgment, but the French Chamber of Deputies refused to make an appropriation to pay the first instalment due under the treaty in 1833, relations between the two governments became strained, and Livingston was finally instructed to close the legation and return to America.

Each instalment of his History, in common with almost everything which he wrote, was widely read, and in spite of some adverse criticisms was received with eager applause.

The first instalment of this loan, to be issued in 1904, was guaranteed by the great mining firms of Johannesburg.

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The first instalment of his commentary on the Pentateuch was Exodus (1855); this was followed by Genesis (1858) and Leviticus in two parts (1867-1872).

Second edition of the first instalment of Tristram was called for in three months, two volumes of Sermons by Yorick were announced.

It was not till February 1194 that he got lOose, after paying a considerable instalment of this vast sum.

It was done by grants of lands and privileges, the first instalment of a never-ending crop of ruinOus concessions which Stephen continued to make from the day of his accession down to the day of his death.

He wrote, with papal approval, the letter requesting the Italians to occupy the Leonine city, and obtained from the Italians payment of the Peter's pence (5,000,000 lire) remaining in the papal exchequer, as well as 50,000 scudi - the first and only instalment of the Italian allowance (subsequently fixed by the Law of Guarantees, March 21, 1871) ever accepted by the Holy See.

In return for Russia's service in preventing the aid of Austria from being given to France, Gorchakov looked to Bismarck for diplomatic support in the Eastern Question, and he received an instalment of the expected support when he successfully denounced the Black Sea clauses of the treaty of Paris.

Hug's earliest publication was the first instalment of his Einleitung; in it he argued with much acuteness against J.