Sentence Examples with the word installation

The emir on his installation takes an oath of allegiance to the British Crown, and accepts the position of a chief of the first class under British rule.

Charles's prospects now improved, and he was enthroned at Buda on the 15th of June 1309, though his installation was not regarded as valid till he was crowned with the sacred crown (which was at last recovered from the robber-barons) at Szekesfehervar on the 27th of August 1310.

Govan is supplied with Glasgow gas and water, and its tramways are leased by the Glasgow corporation; but it has an electric light installation of its own, and performs all other municipal functions quite independently of the city, annexation to which it has always strenuously resisted.

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In a small installation in the United States water is brought in a 36-in.

In 1685 he was made bishop of Soissons, but after waiting for installation for four years he took the bishopric of Avranches instead.

At the solemn installation of the lord warden the judge as the next principal officer installs him.

Investitura), the formal installation into an office or estate, which constituted in the middle ages one of the acts that betokened the feudal relation between suzerain and vassal.

The quality of the last is a matter of great importance; when it is unsuitable, the boilers will suffer, and the installation of a water-softening plant may save more in the expenses of boiler maintenance than it costs to operate.

A few days before his installation the Long Parliament had met; and among the complainants who hastened to appeal to it for redress was the ex-prebendary, Smart.

In defiance of treaties, however, the Porte continued to change the hospodars almost yearly and to exact extraordinary installation presents.