Sentence Examples with the word instability

This instability is shown in congressional and local rather than in general state elections.

But The Truth Is That A Complete Solution Of The Statical Problem For All Forms Up To That At Which Instability Sets In, Would Not Suffice For The Present Purpose.

The tragedians used her story to point the moral of the instability of human happiness; Niobe became the representative of human nature, liable to pride in prosperity and forgetfulness of the respect and submission due to the gods.

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The driving circle is also much too small, so that a very slight mechanical freedom of the screw in the teeth involves a large angular freedom of the telescope in right ascension, while its position at the lower end of a too weak polar axis tends to create instability from torsion of that axis.

He had various proofs of the instability of his hold on the king during 1747 and in 1748.

As illustrating the fact of the occasional instability of these variations, Professor Church mentions that a single grain will be sometimes horny and partly opaque and floury, in which case its composition will correspond with its aspect.

Hence the maximum instability occurs when the wave-length of disturbance is about half as great again as that at which instability first commences.

Had it not been for the political instability of the country, the effects of the diminution of expenditure on military and naval preparations would have effected a rapid improvement in its financial position.

The Magnitude Of A Drop Delivered From A Tube, Even When The Formation Up To The Phase Of Instability Is Infinitely Slow, Cannot Be Calculated A Priori.

Everything was vacillating and uncertain; and the general instability was reflected even in foreign affairs, now that the master-hand of Gustavus III.