Sentence Examples with the word inspirer

But he remained in the background as the inspirer and adviser of the Tariff Reformers.

The general state of learning in this century is illustrated by Ausonius (c. 310-393), the grammarian and rhetorician of Bordeaux, the author of the Mosella, and the probable inspirer of the memorable decree of Gratian (376), providing for the appointment and the payment of teachers of rhetoric and of Greek and Latin literature in the principal cities of Gaul.

He was the author or inspirer of several works of considerable length.

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He is the offspring of Heaven and Earth, the two worlds; is the inspirer of prayer and the guide and protector of the pious.

Of these the type - and, it may almost be said, the inspirer of the rest - was Bohemund.

Luria was an inspirer of saintly conduct rather than an innovator in theories.

He was for nearly eighteen years the soul of the republican conspiracies, the prompter of revolutionary propaganda, the chief inspirer of intrigues concerted by discontented military men of all ranks.

They support the Eisteddfod as the promoter and inspirer of arts, letters and music, and are conspicuous among the annual prize winners.

But Jefferson was throughout the chief inspirer and foremost worker.

After the revolution Tirpitz was one of those against whom German popular animosity was chiefly directed as being the inspirer of the naval and world policy which led to the war, and also the most powerful influence in prolonging it.