Sentence Examples with the word insolence

This was due in the main to the outrageous insolence of her allpowerful favourite Biren, who hated the Russian nobility and trampled upon them mercilessly.

This was far less than the prince meant to obtain, but he would probably have been forced to accept the offer for want of a better if the insolence of one of Yusef's messengers, a Spanish renegade, had not outraged a chief partisan of the Omayyad cause.

The king good-naturedly overlooked his outrageous insolence on this occasion, but the inevitable rupture was only postponed.

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The insolence of a Tunisian squadron which sacked Palma in the island of Sardinia and carried off 158 of its inhabitants, roused widespread indignation.

He also engaged in a keen controversy with Robert Lowth, afterwards bishop of London, on the book of Job, in which Lowth brought home charges of lack of scholarship and of insolence that admitted of no denial.

Unhappily the insolence which, while it was defensive, was pardonable, and in some sense respectable, accompanied him into societies where he was treated with courtesy and kindness.

Jeffreys spoke with his accustomed insolence to the vicechancellor, silenced the other deputies when they offered to speak, and ordered them out of court.

Personally unpopular, and the rapacity and insolence of her family was well known.

Their crude productions, for the most part, were conspicuous rather for insolence and abusiveness than for logic or learning.

In the war of the Spanish Succession (1700) we find Victor at first on the French side, until, dissatisfied with the continued insolence of Louis XIV.