Sentence Examples with the word insidious

In plague, however, it is of special importance, on account of the peculiarly insidious manner in which this disease fastens itself upon a locality.

Consumption had been making its insidious inroads upon Spinoza for many years, and early in 1677 he must have been conscious that he was seriously ill.

To the philosophers (with the single exception of Plato), however, convinced as they were that the multitude must necessarily miss true well-being through their folly and ignorance, it could never occur to guard against these evils by any other method than that of providing philosophic instruction for the few; whereas the Christian clergy, whose function it was to offer truth and eternal life to all mankind, naturally regarded theological misbelief as insidious preventible contagion.

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The sick are a source of danger and one means of dissemination, and, since the illness may be so slight as to pass unrecognized, an obviously insidious one.

It was insidious in onset, caused by infection, infarction or insufficient insulin.

It was so insidious in people's minds, and so full of surprises.

He made insidious threats to gulf stability.

The insidious nature of the EU is such that the majority of British citizens do not even recognize the threat.

The people, thoroughly Protestant, were excited by the proofswhich they thought were afforded that the real object of the Tractarians was to reconcile England with Rome; and practices which are now regarded as venial or even praiseworthysuch as the wearing of the surplice in the pulpit, and the institution of the weekly offertorywere denounced because they were instituted by the Tracta.rians, and were regarded as insidious devices to lead the country ROmewards.

He is a type of the Jews who embraced the Greek way of life as it was lived at Alexandria; but his influence in Palestine was insidious rather than actively subversive of Judaism.