Sentence Examples with the word insensible

The real point is their interdependence, which is so intimate that one sign of great philosophy is a consistent metaphysics, psychology and logic. If the world of things is known to be partly material and partly mental, then the mind must have powers of sense and inference enabling it to know these things, and there must be processes of inference carrying us from and beyond the sensible to the insensible world of matter and mind.

In expounding the principles of the differential calculus, he started, as it were, from the level of his pupils, and ascended with them by almost insensible gradations from elementary to abstruse conceptions.

Alexander II., personally averse from war, was not insensible to the patriotic enthusiasm, and halted between two opinions.

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Logical inference from sense is a process from sensible to insensible existence.

On the margins of the plateau there are several gaps or indentations, which can best be likened to gigantic trenches, like railway cuttings, as with an insensible gradient they climb to a higher level.

What gives stability is the insensible principle or principles which it holds, as it were, in solution.

Liebknecht was shot on his way to the Moabit prison, while Rosa Luxemburg was brutally attacked on leaving the hotel and was finally shot dead as she was being conveyed, insensible from her injuries, in a motor-car under a military escort.

Laplace assumed that the liquid has uniform density, and that the attraction of its molecules extends to a finite though insensible distance.

It is impossible to make direct measurements of the properties of particles of the substance within the insensible distance e of the bounding surface.

On the 21st of February 1848, after having suffered a previous stroke of apoplexy, he fell insensible on the floor of the Representatives' chamber, and two days later died.