Sentence Examples with the word ins

Fischer, Deutsches, Leben mid deutsche Zustnde von der Hohenstaufenzeit his ins Reformationszeitalter (Gotha, 1884); V.

For a century politics in Spain had been a game, played by professionals, between the ins and outs; victory or defeat at the polls depended less on any intelligent popular judgment on the questions at issue than on the passing interests of the wire-pullers and bosses (Caciques) who worked the electoral machinery.

Among his many works are: Grammatica syriaca (1867-1870); Vocabulary of the Tigre language (1868); Das Gedicht vom Hiob (1871); Die Prophetie des Joel and ihre Ausleger (1879); Die Saadjanische Ubersetzung der Hohenlieder ins Arabische (1882); Chrestomathia targumica (1888); Historia artis grammaticae apud Syros (1889); Ein samaritanisches Fragment (1893); Idee and Grundlinien einer allgemeiner Geschichte der Mystik (1893).

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Felkin (2 vols., London, 1898); Emin Pasha in Central Africa (London, 1888), a collection of Emin's papers contributed to scientific journals; and Mit Emin Pascha ins Herz von Afrika (Berlin, 1894), by Dr Franz Stuhlmann.

Stuhlmann, Mit Emin Pascha ins Herz von Afrika (1894); Sir Harry Johnston, The Uganda Protectorate (1902); and The Nile Quest (1903); A.

Among his more important works may be mentioned: - Der Mensch in der Geschichte (Leipzig, 1860); Die V olker des ostlichen Asien (Jena, 1866-1871); Ethnologische Forschungen (Leipzig, 1871-1873); Die Kulturldnder des alten Amerika (Berlin 1878); Der Buddhismus in seiner Psychologie (Berlin, 1881); Indonesien (Leipzig, 1884); Der Fetisch an der Kiiste Guineas (Berlin, 1885); Die mikronesischen Kolonien (1899-1900); Die wechselnden Phasen ins geschichtlichen Sehkreis and ihre Riickwirkung auf die V olkerkunde (1900) .

The relations between Poland, Prussia and Livonia are adequately dealt with by two sound German books, Theodor Schiemann's Russland, Polen and Livland bis ins xviii.

He thinks the natives were Eskimos, ins ad of American Indians, as stoutly maintained by John Fiske.

He didn't understand the ins and outs of their blood bond, but he knew how much she rocked his world when she drank from him earlier.

On only one point, the position assigned in the Wissenschaftslehre to the absolute ego, is there any obscurity; but the relative passages are far from decisive, and from the early work, Neue Darstellung der Wissenchaftslehre, unquestionably to be ins uded in the Jena period, one can see that from the outset the doctrine of the absolute ego was held in a form differing only in statement from the later theory.