Sentence Examples with the word inroad

Then in 1018, with a very large force, he proceeded to India again, extending his inroad this time to the great Hindu cities of Mathra on the Jumna and Kanauj on the Ganges.

He was helped to make a short inroad into Northumberland, but the intervention of the Spanish government brought about a peace between England and Scotland.

The inroad of the Persians in the 17th century was confined to the south.

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I); perhaps Nebuchadrezzar made his first inroad against Judah in 602 B.C. because of its intrigue with Egypt (H.

In 977 Brian made a sudden and rapid inroad into Donoban's territory, captured his fortress and slew the prince himself with a vast number of his followers.

The inroad of Bruce had been countenanced by the native Irish ecclesiastics, whose sentiments were recorded in a statement addressed to Pope John XXII.

The profits of his inroad were reaped by despots, who used the Ghibelline prestige for the consolidation of their own power.

In the late 6th century the Thebans were brought for the first time into hostile contact with the Athenians, who helped the small fortress of Plataea to maintain its independence against them, and in 506 repelled an inroad into Attica.

Then before undertaking his longer inroad into.

It was perhaps after this that an inroad of Scythians (q.v.) occurred (c. 626 B.C.); if it did not actually touch Judah, the advent of the people of the north appears to have caused great alarm (Jer.