Sentence Examples with the word inquisitor

In 1579 he was sent to Rome on business connected with the reform of his order, which occupied him several years, and brought him into intimate relations with three successive popes, as well as the grand inquisitor and other persons of influence.

Here about 1566 his enemies renewed their activity, and in 1567 he was formally accused by Fra Angelo the inquisitor of Milan.

Among the first results of the changed order of things were on the one hand the election of Huss (October 1409) to be again rector of the university, but on the other hand the appointment by the archbishop of an inquisitor to inquire into charges of heretical teaching and inflammatory preaching brought against him.

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By the middle of the, 5th century there was hardly an active inquisitor left in the kingdom.

The earliest definite account given of the Waldensian opinion is that of the inquisitor Sacconi about 1250.1 He divides them into two classes: those north of the Alps and those of Lombardy.

In 1322 some prisoners declared to the inquisitor Bernard Gui at Toulouse that the Franciscan order was divided into three sections - the Conventuals, who were allowed to retain their real and personal property; the Spirituals or Beguines, who were at that time the objects of persecution; and the Fraticelli of Sicily, whose leader was Henry of Ceva (see Gui's Practica Inquisitionis, v.).

In Germany two Apostles were burned at Lubeck and Wismar at the beginning of the 15th century (1402-1403) by the inquisitor Eylard.

He was sent to Venice as inquisitor general, but carried matters with a high hand, became embroiled in quarrels, and was forced to leave (1560).

He was successively inquisitor at Malta, vice-legate at Ferrara and nuncio in Cologne (1639-1651).

Torquemada to be grand inquisitor of Spain; and he offered plenary indulgence to all who would engage in a crusade against the Waldenses.