Sentence Examples with the word inquisitive

Felipa smiled at Carmen's inquisitive look.

Once she was comfortable with us she opened up, displaying a sharp and inquisitive mind.

Pierre stopped laughing, got up, went farther away from the inquisitive man, and looked around him.

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Descartes, known as Du Perron, from a small estate destined for his inheritance, soon showed an inquisitive mind.

Often an inquisitive eye may detect the shores of a primitive lake in the low horizon hills, and no subsequent elevation of the plain have been necessary to conceal their history.

Abdallatif was undoubtedly a man of great knowledge and of an inquisitive and penetrating mind.

Forgetting the danger of being recognized, Rostov went close to the porch, together with some inquisitive civilians, and again, after two years, saw those features he adored: that same face and same look and step, and the same union of majesty and mildness....

Under Owen scholastic studies were maintained with a formality and dogmatism unsuited to Locke's free inquisitive temper.

In disposition they are amiable and courteous, but arrogant, lively, inquisitive and inclined to steal - their attacks in earlier days on Europeans, when not caused by misunderstandings, being due probably to their coveting property which to them was of immense value.

We were met by three inquisitive stares.