Sentence Examples with the word inquiry

These qualities are required all the more because, in order to make any further progress with such an inquiry as we have suggested, we have deliberately to make use of abstraction as an instrument of investigation.

You belong to the gentry? he concluded with a shade of inquiry in his tone.

One, however, the Categories, may be regarded with an ancient commentator, 10 as preliminary to the dialectical inquiry in the Topics.

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Egypt, however, refused to make thorough inquiry into the massacre, and was only prevented from occupying Raheita and coming into conflict with Italy by the good offices of Lord Granville, who dissuaded the Egyptian government from enforcing its sovereignty.

When a person who was accused of any crime was not forthcoming, inquiry was made whether he was in frankpledge; if he were not, and had no right of exemption, the township was amerced, but if he were in a tithing,-then it was upon the tithing that the amercement fell.

In 1911 he became Democratic leader in the Assembly and was appointed vice-chairman of the Factory Investigating Committee which made a searching inquiry into industrial conditions in the state, resulting in remedial legislation.

I'd not remembered that tidbit when Jackson first questioned me, but even now, I was reluctant to move his inquiry in that direction.

And so, as they had the power and wish to inculpate him, this expedient of an inquiry and trial seemed unnecessary.

The form into which he threw his investigation seems to have deterred many able physicists from the inquiry into the ulterior cause of capillary phenomena, and induced them to rest content with deriving them from the fact of surface-tension.

He stipulated that no inquiry should be made into his conduct in office, and was left for another seven years unmolested in the enjoyment of the fortune he had amassed.