Sentence Examples with the word innovation

His chief innovation was the introduction of payment from the public treasury for state service.

This innovation has been followed by almost all critics since Bengel's time, and it was developed by Griesbach.

The innovation of Malcolm II.

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It is my purpose also to give the names and number and times of those who through love of innovation have run into the greatest errors, and proclaiming themselves discoverers of knowledge, falsely so called, have like fierce wolves unmercifully devastated the flock of Christ.

The pace of innovation and accomplishment is already fast but will grow even faster.

A still greater innovation was that Arabic became the official language of the state.

When so many people farm and so much depends on it, innovation will happen.

The business of making games depends on the innovation of game makers.

The coronation of a woman was in the eyes of the Russian people a scandalous innovation in any case, and the proposed coronation was doubly scandalous in view of the base and disreputable origin of Catherine herself (see Catherine I.).

A renovation of the Gallican Church was not the least crying need; and, in view of the confusion of rites (Gallican, Gothic, Roman, Ambrosian) in the Frankish empire, Charlemagne recognized that this innovation could only be effectually carried out by a closer connexion with Rome in ritual as in other matters.