Sentence Examples with the word innocuous

There is one possible exception, however, to the innocuous nature of the poison and this is supplied by the species of the genus Lathrodectus, one of the Theridiidae.

They were innocuous pieces of code.

In tropical America the genus Elaps, which is both poisonous and warningly coloured, is a model for several innocuous snakes.

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Cysticercus cellulosae may be comparatively innocuous in a muscle or subcutaneous tissue, but most hurtful in the eye or brain.

The so-called colubrine venomous snakes, which retain in a great measure an external resemblance to the innocuous snakes, have the maxillary bone not at all, or but little, shortened, armed in front with a fixed, erect fang, which is provided with a deep groove or canal for the conveyance of the poison, the fluid being secreted by a special poison-gland.

The innocuous statement caused a couple of raised eyebrows.

The washing seems to remove excreta of the muscle's own production, and the period of repose removes them perhaps by diffusion, perhaps by breaking them down into innocuous material.

Poisonous as well as innocuous snakes are represented in this category.

The innocuous challenge by Moses saw a penalty awarded which Andy Stephens could do nothing about.

Putting aside the innocuous title, the United States was now fully in the business of covert political operations.