Sentence Examples with the word innocence

She oozed fragile innocence and sultry sex appeal, her allure capable of ensnaring even a deity.

Eureka is the sweet pet of a lovely little girl whom we all admire, and gentleness and innocence are her chief virtues.

That innocence was part of her charm.

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In matters beyond the knowledge of men, as the guilt or innocence of an alleged wizard or a suspected wife, the ordeal by water was used.

He'd like to believe in good and the happy-ever-after, but that innocence could never be retrieved.

As political writers imagined a patriarchal innocence prior to codes of law, so men of letters sought in popular unwritten poetry the freshness and simplicity which were wanting in the prevailing styles.

Notwithstanding his innocence he was condemned and sent to Ticinum (Pavia) where he was thrown into prison.

The royalist plot of the Rue Saint-Nicaise (December 24, 1800) allowed him to make a clean sweep of the democratic republicans, who despite their innocence were depsrted to Guiana, and to annul Assemblies that were a mere show by making the senate omnipotent in constitutional matters; but it was necessary for him to transform this deceptive truce into the general pacification so ardently desired for the last eight years.

Fifty thousand boys and girls were persuaded by some pestilent dreamers that their childish innocence would effect what their immoral fathers had failed to accomplish, and so left their homes on an expedition to capture the Holy Land.

Her innocence appealed to him, but he probably wouldn't find this facet of her inexperience attractive.