Sentence Examples with the word innkeeper

The name of his mother was Jeanne le Franc; she was the daughter of an innkeeper at Cambrai, who afterwards came to reside at Noyon.

A fine supper was prepared, and the innkeeper himself waited upon his guest.

To escape the smiling innkeeper role, he plodded barefoot out back to the small patio, fired up the barbeque, popped the cap on the first of the last three Fat Tire Ales and stretched out on Cynthia's chaise.

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It seems that his father was an innkeeper but a man of cultivated tastes.

The innkeeper welcomed him kindly.

The innkeeper spoke of the weather, of the roads, of the crops, of politics.

I suppose letting someone into a guest's room is against a bunch of innkeeper laws but considering the circumstances, I'll stick my neck out.

The innkeeper stood at the gate.

In a Sicilian story an innkeeper corks up Death in a bottle; so nobody dies for years, and the long white beards are a sight to see.

He looked back and saw the innkeeper still standing by the door.